My entry for Round 1: British Victoria sponge vs. American cupcakes!
 The key to a good American sub sandwich is layering up super tasty ingredients.
 The biggest sandwich ever!!
 One of L.A.'s finest giving our sub sandwich his thumbs up... 
 Megan and Holly choosing their favourite Californian donuts.
 Megan having a great time glazing donuts.
 Always good to have mum's help with the tricky bits in the kitchen. 
 Make sure you keep your knife straight and level when you slice through the middle. 
 Dainty sandwiches like these have been a British afternoon tea tradition for more than 150 years. 
 In the food fight, the British food won 2 rounds to 1... but there were more British judges!  Who would you vote for? Dad's always got my back in any food fight.
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